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Smudge-Free Media

New Inkjet Printable DVD & CD Tech

Anyone involved in professional cd and dvd duplication has more than likely used inkjet printers to print on discs. Most end users prefer the vibrant high-resolution prints achieved by using the inkjet process. They also love the fact that the process involves printing directly onto the disc surface instead of using cd labels. One of the major drawbacks however is that when the ink is printed on the surface it can smudge or smear when it comes in contact with water or moisture. (So watch your sweaty fingers!) To combat this problem people have used lacquer spray or laminate film to lock in the ink. These processes work just fine, however, they can add additional time and money to the printing process. Recently a new technology in inkjet printing surface has emerged. The technology is called WaterShield and was created by the inventor of recordable discs, Taiyo Yuden.

The WaterShield discs specialized printing surface allows for the ink to dry very fast and locks in the ink. The result is a printed surface that is completely water resistant. No smudging or smearing occurs when the disc makes contact with moisture. Also the WaterShield surface brings out a nice glossy shine that is not possible with standard inkjet printable cds or dvds. The brands available in this new technology are Taiyo Yuden and Primera. Primera sells their discs under the Tuffcoat name and features both WaterShield and AquaGuard.

This new technology for printing on discs is a welcome addition to the industry. I'm sure a lot of high volume users of inkjet printable cd and inkjet printable dvd media will demand these new products. We'll just have to wait and see how big an impact these new discs will make on the cd and dvd printing industry as a whole.