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Amanda T. - 308466

“Thank you so much to you and your team for getting our DVD order out the door and to us so quickly. I am blown away by your amazing customer service. We love your company! How you have been able to serve our church is no small thing. Each project has been incredibly important and impactful, and we all so appreciate your help in getting these DVDs into the hands of the people attending our services. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

--Amanda T., NewSpring Church

“The quality of the Videos you guys made, was amazing. The video seemed much clearer than the copies we sent out. The way you label them is perfect, I can see why you people are so busy. Just an excellent job, I would highly recommend [US] Digital Media to anyone who wants quality work. Thanks!!”

--Bob S.

Porter and Miller - 263532

“I just wanted to let you know that our cd order, “Creature Comforts”, arrived this afternoon. They look and sound terrific! Thank you and the USDM staff for helping make this project look so professional at a cost-effective price! We appreciate your help and hope we can work with you again in the future. We will certainly recommend you to any of our fellow musicians who are looking to do something similar - and that's the best compliment we can give you.”

--David Porter and Marty Miller (aka Porter and Miller)

North Dakota State University (Agriculture Communication) - 254682

“Thank you SO much for the super speedy processing of my last CD order. They arrived this morning right on schedule and they look great.
It's always a pleasure working with you!”

--Deb T., North Dakota State University (Agriculture Communication)

“Just had to compliment you on your great service........I've been a customer for a few years and I love your prompt attention to my orders and the incredibly quick delivery............I order on Tuesday and it's at my door on Thursday..........keep of the wonderful work.”

--Patricia L., Synergy Seminars

“Just a note to thank you for your help and patience working with me on the Herndon PTA project. The discs arrived in good time, looked great and the kids each received one last night at their 6th Grade Celebration Dinner. Thank you so much!”

--Anne, Herndon El PTA

“...My first time using your company for an order, and I want to let you know how impressed I am with your speed shipping out the item... Thank you so much for your great service. It is exceptional!”

-- Neil

Rusted Fender - 213170

“I got the CDs today. They look fantastic. VERY professional. I'd like to thank you for your support. This was a new process for me, and you helped make it smooth and educational ”

--Jeffrey, Rusted Fender


“I received the CDs and they look great! Thank you so much for getting them to me so quickly! I really appreciate your help!”

--Whitney, epbs-intermedix

Extedo, Inc

“I just wanted to let you know I received the drives right on time and am VERY pleased with both the drives, the printing and your excellent service. Thanks for taking such good care of EXTEDO!”

--Warren, Extedo, Inc.

PIC 32 - Microchip Technology Inc.

“Our order arrived last week and all is definitely in order. I want to thank you and others at US Digital Media for completing our order so promptly, and for the ease of the process. I truly enjoyed how easy it was working with you to get this project done. Thanks!”

--Jeremy, Microchip Technology Inc.


“Thanks for the great service. You delivered my job exactly as you said you would--that's wonderful and rare service in this age.”


“I had a print problem and had to replace part of a print job with a client, but I was out of the stock meida paper necessary., AND it was a rush job. Thanks to your friendly service people, I was able to get the media and print and deliver one day early!! This was an important regular client and CDRom2Go saved the day and THREE corporate accounts!! You will be retaining my company as a client! You already service the Dept of Defense outfit I work for which was why I chose you in the first place!!”

--Patricia, Excalibur Company

Strategic Issues Management Group, Inc

“I just wanted to tell you all that I received the thumb drives and I must say. they are beautiful. We are very happy with the final product. Thank you so much.”

--Yolanda, Strategic Issues Management Group, Inc

Broadway North

“Thank you so much for a fantastic job on my dance recital videos! They are fabulous. I greatly appreciate your extra efforts as well.”

-- Dave, MD

A Face in the Rock

“I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing job your team did on our DVDs!! We held the premiere of the trailer in Michigan (where the trailer was shot) last Thursday and handed out all 100 of the DVDs you rush shipped to us. People LOVED the trailer itself and the packaging looks amazing!
Thank you again for all your efforts and consideration!”

-- Matt and the "A Face in the Rock" team

St. James Cathedral

“Just wanted to let you know the DVDs arrived yesterday and we're thrilled with them. Thanks so much for all your help and guidance with this project. If they sell out quickly, we'll be in touch!”

-- Maria, St. James Cathedral

Accutower 1 to 1 DVD Duplicator Pioneer 16X

“In your recent E(mail) to me you commented that your aim is to exceed my expectations. Congratulations. Your people have certainly done that. Thanks.”

-- Ben

Darden School

“The DVD shipments arrived on time today and were distributed according to plan. The final products looked great and have already generated positive feedback from classmates. Thank you all for your hard work. Much appreciated.”

-- Matthew, Darden School

FMC Technologies

“Once again I want to let you know that I am very pleased with your service. It is efficient, accurate, with excellent customer service and your team is on the top of things. It is a pleasure to work with you.”

-- Paulina, FMC Technologies Inc.

Pura Vida DVD

“The actual DVD package turned out beautiful and the copies that are here in front of me are stunning…so much more than I ever expected.  …thank you so much for really taking care of me…You're still our number ONE…”

-- Patrick, Pura Vida DVD

“The package was on my porch in California barely 24 hours after I phoned in the order. Magnificent!”

-- Dr Demento, The Dr Demento Show

Starke Millwork, Inc.

“You guys did a terrific job - you provided what we needed, when you said you would, at a good price.
Dealing with you and your company is a pleasure - we would certainly do it again, and we will tell our business acquaintances.”

-- Bob, Starke Millwork, Inc.

A Aqua Control, Inc.

“I just received my CD's today and they look fantastic! Please thank anyone for me that had a hand in this process. You and your company made this whole process very seamless and easy. Something I'm not very used to in this industry. I was actually a little uneasy for a while because I was thinking that it was going too smoothly and there was something bound to go wrong. But nothing did go wrong and I couldn't be happier with the end result.

Thank you so much for all of your help. I will definitely be a repeat customer. Please forward this to your boss... I'd really like them to know what a great team they have there. Everyone from yourself to Domenic Paci who sent the shipping confirmation to Meredith Davis who sent me the tracking info I asked for. All of you responded to my emails within minutes or the next morning when I had sent a request late the night before.

The bottom line is, you all work at a great company that provides great customer service and runs like a well-oiled machine. So my hats off to all of you and thank you again so much for such an effortless transaction.”

-- Kyle

“I did indeed receive the CD's. They are great. Thanks for your help with this! I will definitely be a return customer! Your company's customer service is outstanding!”

-- Emmanuelle, RDP Foodservice

A Aqua Control, Inc.

“I received the cds this morning and I just wanted to let you know they look great! I am very pleased!!

Thanks again for all of your help!”

-- Sara, Advertising / Graphic Designer, Aqua Control, Inc.

“Thank you for your great service. I received my order today already and have been able to fill an order that I thought it was going to take days to complete. Many thanks. I'll be in touch very soon for more items for my small record label.”

-- William, Musex International

A Stepping Stone Foundation

“The order could not have gone more smoothly and we are very happy with the finished product!”

-- Margie, A Stepping Stone Foundation

The Golden Pickle

“I am absolutely thrilled with the quality of my CD's. Thank you. Your graphics team was eager to please and I know my product will sell like hot cakes now because of your contributions.”

-- Judy, The Golden Pickle, LLC

Author One Stop Disc

“You did a wonderful job with my Write-a-Book project. I am thrilled with the quality of your work, and your customer service is outstanding. Thank you so much! You guys are great! ”

-- Randy, AuthorOneStop.com

“I just wanted to take a moment to commend both yourself and your staff on the professional and timely manner in which our order was filled. These days it seems so many companies we do business with act as though they are doing us a favor by allowing us to order from them and it's refreshing to see a company that still seems to put the customer first. Your company will certainly be our choice for any of our future media purchases.”

-- Larry, Alpha Services, Inc.


“Just a quick note to say we received our first order of CD's from you. OUTSTANDING!!! Thank you.”

-- Roy, Ph.D, ProEducate

“No matter what the job size or timeline, US Digital Media has always stepped up to the challenge. For over three years, we have relied on US Digital Media for all of our CD-ROM replication needs. Quality and consistency are why we rely on US Digital Media, and their great pricing makes us look no further.”

-- M, AdForsight

Shores Media

“…they arrived. They are beautiful! Truly exceeded my expectations. We will definitely be ordering more like this.

Thanks for all the help.”

-- Mike, Shores Media

Accutower 718 DVD Duplicator NEC 7-Drive 18X

“I Love It! This week I got back from vacation to find out I had a huge DVD duplication job waiting and only a handful of hours to do it. Fortunately, while I was away, our 7 DVD burner tower from US Digital Media/CDROM2GO had been delivered right on time. I took the tower out of the box, plugged in the power cord and had the job started less than 5 minutes later. Thank you. What would have been an all-nighter was finished in a few hours.”

-- Aaron, Twin Rivers Worship Center

Transcription Relief Services, LLC

“I just want to say that I am truly amazed by your company. I just got the CD's in and I don't know how you did it, but you pulled off a miracle in my eyes. They are better than I ever expected and are perfect for our application. I commend the whole team on a project well done. You have made another customer for life. I promise to give you more headway next time we need to order something. Thank you again!!”

-- Todd, Information Systems Analyst, Transcription Relief Services, LLC

“I just talked to an operator at your toll free number. As I told her, you guys ALWAYS answer your phone with a person. You have no idea how comforting that is in this era. Thank you for doing so, and for doing what you say you're going to do. You are competent, and it shows. Your reps are cheerful and knowledgeable . . . from your website, emails, on line and telephone services. It works.

I will now drop my other media suppliers and use you folks exclusively. I'm a small video production company, and still, . . . I exist! To many other suppliers, I'm small, so I don't exist - unless I'm ordering. I always seem to be important to you guys.”

-- Dr Michael, Wild Card Productions

Motawi Tileworks

"I am happy to say that we received the discs in excellent condition, and we are very pleased with the result. We're sending them out to our Galleries today, and we're very excited. We will definitely use you guys again when we are in need of more CD's!"

-- Hilary, Motawi Tileworks

“We wanted to thank you so much for the incredible customer service and reproduction service. We have dealt with many services before in many industry but US Digital Media is one of the best ever. So once again thank you for all your help and support. Please let the staff know how grateful we are of them and how much we appreciate everything they did. Looking forward to working with you in the future.”

-- Alex, NSB Productions

Voces del SeƱor - St. James

“In the name of Voces del Señor, our catholic music group, want to thanks to all of you, US Digital Media, for the good work in our project. We really liked it and we are happy with you. Thank you to everyone who worked in our project. Our CD's came in on time and safe. People around us really loved it. God bless you.”

-- David, Music General Director, St. James

Seacoast Church

"Thanks so much for all the terrific work you and your team did for me. These DVD's look great. Exceptional Quality on the printing. Thank your graphics team for remaining patience with me while I got all that artwork in the right format and all that. Tell you boss that you all have fantastic customer service. I will definitely talk to you guys next year about printing DVD's in 2008. You guys rock!"

-- Darrell, Student Minister, Seacoast Church, Longpoint Campus

“Thank you very much. The first time I've used the web exclusively to order DVDs from ya'll. Thanks for being an excellent, on top of it, company.”

-- Jon

PostNet of Steamboat

"They look great!! I will definitely use you guys again next time I have a CD order, it was very nice working with you! Thanks again!"

-- Karen, PostNet of Steamboat

“Just as I was asking you the question my contact in Ann Arbor, MI called me to report he had received the advance order late yesterday afternoon. He reports the CDs are 'beautiful and so much more professional looking than what we've been mailing out.”

-- Barb, PCSafe, Inc.


"…thank you very much for all of your help getting our CD's ready so fast. The artwork looks great - and you were ahead of schedule on a QUICK turnaround! I really appreciate your help and patience getting the project done!"

-- Scott, PopRoxx.com

“Thank you so much, we received the order ...
Thank You again for a Great Product, from a company we can count on.”


MacMusic Fonts

“Got my disks! AWESOME! If all disks are like the first one I pulled out and tested, then, we have a long-lasting business relationship ahead. From ordering to artwork to final product, USDigitalMedia is the 'bomb!'”

“Again, thanks so much! I can finally ship a product with which I'm completely happy!”

-- Pat, MacMusic Fonts

“…In today’s world it is so hard to find ANYONE who really cares any more. I feel so lucky to have found your company. Jackie has been a real guardian angel, working very patiently with me, to get the order right.

And now you have come along, again helping me. I didn’t know one format from another, but you had the kind ability to work with my amateur skills, and I am 100% positive my little project will turn out fine.

…I'm exited to see the final version!”

-- Jack

WI Dept. of Public Instruction

“Thanks for such great service! I always enjoy working with your company because you do such a fine job. I’m glad you mentioned the DVD services, as well--I may have a job involving DVDs coming up!”

-- Linda, WI Dept. of Public Instruction

“I just wanted you to know that we received the DVDs in good order and are pleased with the prompt and professional service of all your staff, particularly Jessica, our account representative. You can be sure that we will be placing more orders in the near future with your company.”

-- Rene,TEXMAC Inc.

First American Title Company

“I just want you to know that before I called your company I had talked to 2 others and your company by far had the best customer service! Richard Moore was very helpful, efficient and very courteous. I was really impressed working with your company.

Then I received the CD’s I ordered a day early! That was a nice surprise and perfect timing for me!

Thank you again for your great work! I am referring my colleagues from other states to your company.”

-- Oli, Emerging Markets Director, First American Title Company


“Well done, everyone. I received the box this morning, and your work is excellent…You have displayed the kind of service and caring that we try to create for our clients…My compliments. And thanks.”

-- Terrel, ServiceQuest

The Biblical Worldview Institute

“Thank you very much!…As always, you do such an excellent job! Thanks again!”

-- Terri, The Biblical Worldview Institute

“US Digital Media has become our only supplier for all of the CD duplication and shipping supplies we rely on every day. Since finding US Digital, we are now able to buy these supplies at a price that has driven our profit margins to new heights. US Digital also has a helpful staff with great systems to make sure we receive our supplies in a timely and guaranteed manner. We have been able to rely on them to always get us the supplies we need when we need them. I recommend US Digital to anyone that wants great products with the most competitive prices.”

-- M, Urban Nutrition Inc.

The Chicago Theatre

"Order came in this morning. DVDs are fabulous! Thanks for your great work, Alex."

-- Andrew, The Chicago Theatre

“I teach Digital Photography and Video Editing at the high school level and money for education is scarce. That's why I shop at CDROM2GO.com for my blank DVD's, inkjet cartridges, and other supplies. I am very pleased with the quality of the products, and I'm simply amazed at the prices. I have no hesitation recommending CDROM2GO.com to my colleagues and friends.”

-- C, Natomas High School

“You have wonderful customer service. You don't find that much anymore, especially online. I will pass the word about your site and product.”

-- Jessica Johnstone