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Unikeep Multiple Disc Packaging

UniKeep offers a variety solutions for multiple disc packaging

Unikeep Multi Disc Case

When it comes to CD and DVD packaging, the variety of cases, pages, and sleeves seem endless. You can find low cost DVD cases, paper sleeves, and jewel cases just about anywhere. The problem most people face when it comes to choosing their packaging is what to do with multi disc sets. UniKeep cases from Univenture offer unique solutions designed to solve this very problem.

UniKeep two ring albums are a great compact solution for storing multiple discs. The two-ring albums come in black and clear. These stylish two-ring albums come in various capacities that hold 5, 10, 20, 30, or even up to 40 discs. Since UniKeep albums have patented snap locking rings, you can add as many or as few pages as necessary. For example, if you have 38 discs all you would need is a 40 disc capacity album and 38 single disc album pages, or 19 double disc pages.

For the occasion where organizing discs in single disc pages does not work, you can turn to UniKeep three-ring binders. UniKeep three-ring binders were designed to hold discs and/or printed materials, anything that has the standard 3-ring spacing. These binders give a professional appearance and are great for archiving, storing, or presenting digital media with or without printed materials.

UniKeep three-ring binders are available in three different capacities including: half-inch, for 20 discs, one-inch for 40 discs, and even a large one and a half-inch binder for up to 60 discs. UniKeep binder pages are available in both black and white. They also come in two disc pages, four disc pages, and even double-sided eight disc pages.

Whether you have two discs or sixty, you are sure to find a unique solution from UniKeep by Univenture.