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UPC Barcodes

What is a UPC Barcode? A UPC (Universal Product Code) barcode is a unique code that retailers can scan to track purchases. Every UPC code is unique and is not shared with any other products. The UPC bar code is typically placed on printed inserts of retail packaging, such as on the back of a CD jewel case tray card or on a DVD case insert.

When you place a disc duplication or replication order through CDROM2GO, you can get one UPC barcode code for just $25 dollars, or for FREE when you select one of our musician packages! It can cost up to $3500 dollars to get your own UPC bar code from the Uniform Code Council.

In order to provide our customers with a UPC bar code at such a low price, your UPC code will be US Digital Media's unique code plus 4 additional digits assigned to you by US Digital Media. It is the customer's responsibility to register the UPC code we assign you and project information with SoundScan. Soundscan is a company which tracks retail music sales with their trademarked system and can track your particular release properly.

Since we own the first 8 digits of UPC code, "Parent Label" will be "US Digital Media", the other information can be assigned by you. You can fill out the ISRC Registration form online at the Nielsen SoundScan website linked here: http://titlereg.soundscan.com/soundscantitlereg/registerISRC.aspx.

Please use the below UPC barcode sample graphic to place in your artwork layout so our pre-press department will know where to position the barcode. Or you can place an empty white box for the UPC barcode at the size of 1.3in.(W) X 0.87in.(H) or 34mm(W) X 22mm(H). That is about 400(W) X 260(H) pixels at 300 DPI. We will then place the high resolution UPC barcode graphic in the layout before proofing your custom project. If we are creating your artwork for you we will plan the spacing for it.

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Graphic for layout placement (300 DPI)
Right-click and "Save Image As..." to save the image to your computer.

Sample UPC Bar Code