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Quickly and painlessly upload your artwork files for your service order. This contact information will be used only for correspondence regarding your artwork. Upload up to 100MB in files on the next page.

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Thank you for using the Graphics Upload tool!

Agreement to Terms
By uploading artwork or other files via the file upload tool, you agree to the terms of services.

A. Uploading Artwork
Upload artwork and files for review and use in a service that has been or will be ordered. Uploading artwork is independent of ordering a service or product. Uploading artwork does not constitute an order being placed.

B. Artwork Submissions
Uploaded artwork must be in accordance and to the specifications of the upload requirements. Work that is submitted outside the parameters of the specifications may result in a decrease in the quality of the physical print and may cause delays to the processing & proofing of your order.

C. Changes to Artwork
Development charges may apply for work that requires changes to the originally uploaded work.

D. Rights of Work and Art
All artwork, photos, etc. furnished to US Digital Media, by the client, remain the property of the client. US Digital Media specifically denies liability for any damage or loss due to fire, casualty, or negligence while the client's materials are in the care and possession of US Digital Media.

US Digital Media reserves the right to refuse any order as well as use print overages for visual marketing purposes.