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4 in 1 Labeling Instructions

For Full Size or
Mini Disc:
*Put labeler together
for your type
of disc
*Mini's and Full Size
discs do not use the
straight edge pieces
*Label goes on deck
with sticky side up
*Disc goes on top of
post with side to be
labeled facing deck.
Disc held in place with
disc holder
*Label and deck are
slid up to the disc
For Business Card or
Rectangle Disc:
*Depending on size
of disc label,
(61 or 63mm) choose
appropriate guide
*Guide holds label in
place, while label and
deck slide up to disc
Application for
Full or Mini CD/DVD:
Smooth label down
gently with 2 fingers
Application for
Business Card or Rectangle CD:
Smooth label down
gently with 2 fingers
Labeling Instructions
*For use with 22mm center-hole labels.
USDM 4 in 1 Labels provide the perfect solution for the professional design and positioning of labels on CDs and DVDs allowing for great looking discs.

USDM Pro Labeling Software is an intuitive program, which can be used to create your labels easily without having knowledge in complicated graphic art programs. Templates can also be downloaded from our website for use in various other design programs.

USDM 4 in 1 CD Labels will print to any laser or inkjet printer. Gloss labels are only recommended for inkjet printers, Laser labels are recommended for laser printers and Matte labels will work on either inkjet or laser printers. All labels are white and can be loaded into the printer in either direction.

USDM 4 in 1 CD/DVD labels can be applied by using the USDM 4 in 1 applicator and will work with Full Sized CDs, Mini CDs, Business Cards and Rectangular Cards. Simply follow the applicator instructions below for quick and easy label application.

USDM 4 in 1 Applicator Instructions PDFDownload PDF VersionUSDM 4 in 1 Applicator Instructions PDF