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Go Green with VarioPac

Go Green - VarioPac reduces the environmental impact over standard jewel cases
VarioPac Disc-System
VarioPac Ejector Cases - The choice of environmentally conscious consumers
An environmental study was conducted by the University of Lippe in Germany to determine the difference in environmental impact between standard jewel boxes and VarioPac ejector cases. A standard jewel case is made of polystyrene [PS] while VarioPac ejector cases are made of polypropylene [PP]. The study looked at the production of the cases from the complete production standpoint, from raw materials to retail packaging and shipping. The study assessed the energy used for the injection molding manufacturing process and the energy consumed for transportation of both raw material as well as finished product.

The production of raw polypropylene [PP] granules (used in VarioPac molding) produces far less greenhouse gases, acidic compounds, and ozone than the production of polystyrene [PS] granules (used in conventional jewel cases). The measurement of energy used in the production (injection molding) also revealed that [PP] VarioPacs require less energy during the manufacture process than their [PS] counterparts. Due to the reduced raw material used and lower waste produced; there is less environmental impact from trucking raw materials and finished goods with VarioPac than with jewel cases. The reduced size of the VarioPac case and impact durability also saved on packaging materials used and replacement costs of damaged product.

VarioPac offers a reduction in environmental impact throughout the entire supply chain, from raw materials to finished product. The Green advantages of VarioPac are clear, from the energy consumed to the pollutants emitted. The University study concluded that VarioPac offers the following reductions over standard jewel cases.

  • Greenhouse effect: 51%
  • Acid potential: 67%
  • Over-fertilization potential: 69%
  • Ozone creation: 66%


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