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VarioPac: The New Jewel Case?


If there's one thing that grabs people's attention, it's being different. It's hard to ignore something unique like one red sports car on a lot surrounded by black, gray, and blue cars. Even if you came to the dealership looking for an economy car, this bright red beauty is the first one to catch your eye. Think of another industry where everything looks almost identical: CD and DVD packaging. Those same plastic jewel cases that look as though they all came from one factory do not have much visual appeal. Now imagine there is a new kind of case that has the ability to surprise clients and customers and get them interested in your content. You can stop imagining, because the VarioPac trigger case has arrived.

Standard jewel cases are simple things. They hold one disc on a center hub and protect it from scratches and damage. They feature clear plastic covers that hold a booklet, often cover artwork for a band or instructions for software. They can easily crack if dropped or sent through the mail. But the world continues to tolerate them simply because they have not come across anything better.

Meet the VarioPac: the better alternative to the jewel case. It's about the same size but weighs a lot less. Because it's made from flexible plastic instead of rigid plastic, it is much more tolerant on impact and much more shatterproof. Its unique three-point system holds a single full-size CD or DVD disc very securely inside the case. The corner of the case sports a trigger for ejecting the disc quickly and easily. They are also available with a variety of colored triggers to add visual appeal. A VarioPac case is clear on both sides so that the disc can be quickly identified.

When it comes to accessories, VarioPacs offer many options that standard jewel cases simply do not have. The booklet box VarioPac has a special slot to accommodate a booklet of album artwork, making them an ideal replacement for audio CD's or computer software. What about storing them in quantity? It's no problem to keep up to 20 cases together with a VarioPac archive cube. On the desk or on the shelf, these stackable cubes are irresistible to curious persons who have never seen one before. The secret lies in the removable plastic clips that can be inserted into each VarioPac case. The clips are inexpensive and available in several colors, but the real benefit is that the same clips can be used to store cases in a VarioPac 4 ring binder. For multi-disc sets or for archiving purposes, there are loads of ways to customize your VarioPac disc cases.

Because of the similar size, light weight, increased durability and available options, it's easy to see how the VarioPac is a big improvement over a standard jewel case. Try one and see how much attention your disc can generate!

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