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What is a white flood coat?

The white flood coat is a layer of white ink applied on a silver CD/DVD face before color printing that acts as a base-coat or primer.[A] This white flood coat is recreating the effect of printing on white paper and helps achieve more accurate color and a good base for photographic images. No white flood coat will show silver of disc thru color printing, so any white or extremely light areas in the disc artwork will show as the silver of the disc.[C]

A selected white flood coat can also be used to have a selected logo or textural element show silver, while white floods the rest of the disc. The selected white flood coat is custom to your artwork design. The rainbow-colored text in the image is actually the shiny area of the disc showing through the flood coat area.[B]

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Flood Coat Examples
A. White Flood Coat
B. Selected White Flood Coat
C. No White Flood Coat