Your Duplication Experts!

CD Duplication

CD Duplication & CD Replication Service

Quality CD manufacturing is fast and easy when we help you build your project. Choose full-size or mini CD discs with a large selection of packaging options.

The CD Duplication Experts

Custom printed disks and cd sleeves.

  • We have the fastest turn times in the industry and can produce duplicated CDs in as little as 24 Hours.
  • Our Duplicated CDs come with high resolution, high gloss Photo Pro Printing.
  • We offer the very best value in terms of service, price and quality.
  • Choose from a wide selection of packaging options. Since we are the nation's largest retail supplier of bulk CD packaging we have the most options available for CD Duplication Services.
  • All duplication, replication and custom packaging services are produced in the USA.

Choosing the service that’s right for you

Short spindle of CDs

Choose CD Duplication for:

  • Super Fast production times (1-5 days)
  • Low qty runs (<1000 discs)
  • Premium Photo Pro Printing

Tall spindle of CDs

Choose CD Replication for:

  • High Qty Runs (>1000 discs)
  • Lower cost per disc
  • Retail Ready Packaging