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CDROM2Go offers a huge selection of disc duplicators for your company’s disc production needs. Our DVD, CD, and Blu ray duplicators all are made by market trusted brands and are offered at competitive prices. Duplicators are also backwards compatible allowing you to copy multiple formats including Blu-ray, DVD and CD all with the same unit. CDROM2GO stocks a large selection of automated duplicators and publishers so that you can make the right purchase for you and your business.

Publishers Vs. Towers: Which is Right for You?

 Automated PublishersDuplication Towers

Duplicator towers are manual disc duplicators that require a person to feed the discs into the machine. You can find duplicator towers that have automatic feeders but they are higher end models. They are designed for speed allowing you to duplicate multiple discs at one time. They also are stand alone and come with a hard drive, so you will not need a PC to use them. Standalone duplicators have been around for quite a while (since they don’t require computers to operate) and therefore have a long held standard of performance and quality which is reassuring for business owners. Due to the fact that they are manual, they are considerably more budget friendly.

Automated publishers, on the other hand, automatically feed a stack of discs into the duplicator so it can copy without manual operation. For this reason, they tend to be priced higher than duplicator towers. An automated publisher can take a range of 50-800 discs per run and so are excellent for high volume projects and tasks. This high capacity combined with their automatic loading allows them to be unattended for long periods. Another benefit to publishers is that they allow you to print as well as copy discs giving you a completely finished product. Publishers are not typically standalone machines and require the use of an accompanying computer to run its software program.