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Duplication vs. Replication vs. Print Only

Duplication vs. Replication vs. Print Only


The duplication process uses a recording drive or "burner drive" to store information on a blank CD or DVD recordable disc. High volume duplicators are used to copy hundreds of discs quickly and efficiently. The discs are then printed with our PhotoPro thermal print process or with another process.

Duplication Features:

  • Quick Turns - Our CD duplication and DVD duplication service can get your discs copied in just 3-5 business days. Our Express Service allows for 24-48 hour turn times.
  • Print Options: PhotoPro, Digital, or Thermal printing. (See our printing options page for more details)
  • Lower Volumes - Duplication is the most economical choice for runs of 100 to 2,000 discs.


The replication process uses heavy machinery to "stamp" or "press" the information into a disc during manufacturing. First a glass master is created that will serve to create stampers. Stampers or molds are the blueprint for the replication process. They are used to replicate the original master. Strict quality control procedures ensure that all manufactured CD and DVD discs are perfect copies of the original. After production, the CD/DVD discs are printed with large-scale silkscreen or offset printers.

Replication Features:

  • High Volumes - Replication is the most affordable way to go for jobs ranging from 2,000 to one million pieces or more. The high-volume manufacturing process yields a lower cost-per-disc than duplication. Our CD replication and DVD replication services are a good choice when time is not a critical factor.
  • Silkscreen or Offset printing - Silkscreen has a resolution of 80 lines per inch and is the standard printing process for printing on CD-ROM discs. Offset is a relatively new process for printing on discs that has a resolution of 175 lines per inch. Silkscreen printing is ideal for solid colors and vector text while offset printing is great for photos and raster artwork.

Print Only

Our in-house professionals specialize in creating pre-printed discs and custom-printed packaging and inserts. Get your discs and packaging printed with your choice of Digital, Thermal, PhotoPro, Inkjet or Silkscreen printing. Learn more about our custom print services.

Print Only Features:

  • Choose from PhotoPro™, Silkscreen, Digital and Thermal printing for your CD or DVD discs.
  • Burn as you go! With pre-printed discs you can change your content quickly without reprinting your artwork.
  • Pre-printed packaging allows you to easily customize your CD jewel cases or DVD cases. Both Digital and Offset processes are available.