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Choosing the Right CD/DVD Duplicator

Are you in need of a CD or DVD duplicator? We've got you covered. We carry a large selection of CD and DVD duplicators that will work for any application. From 1-to-1 duplicators to large 11 drive duplicators, we've got the right duplicator to fit your needs.

Which CD or DVD duplicator is right for your business?

Duplicator Drive Speed

CD and DVD duplicators come with drives that burn (record) at various speeds. For example, 1X simply means the duplication process will be equivalent to one times the speed of playback, A speed of 4X means the duplication will be 4 times faster than playback. The higher the speed, the faster the CD or DVD will record. At CDROM2GO, we stay on top of the latest technology and offer the latest in CD and DVD duplicator speeds.

CD and DVD Formats

There are currently two formats of recordable CD or DVD media compatible with CD and DVD duplicators, which are CD / DVD-R and CD / DVD+R. There has been serious debate on which format is superior but luckily most drive manufacturers now make dual drives that support both formats, so the choice of CD or DVD format is yours.


An assessment one might make in deciding on a DVD duplicator is: How fast do I need to duplicate DVDs? A 1-to-1 DVD duplicator may only have a throughput of a few DVDs per hour, while a high capacity 11 drive tower can duplicate over a hundred discs per hour.

Manual vs. Automatic CD and DVD Duplicators

Another decision to make is: What type of CD or DVD duplicator best fits your production demands? The two main types are manual and autoloading. A manual CD or DVD duplicator comes in the form of a drive in your PC or a multi-drive tower. These duplicators are operated by manually placing CDs or DVDs into the drives for duplication. Manual CD and DVD duplicator towers are built for speed since they allow you to burn many DVDs simultaneously. The drawback may be that they require the labor of reloading the drives during the duplication process. There are towers that are autoloader compatible, but the cost is higher than your standard manual loading towers.

Automated duplicators are a very popular choice for those who need high volume duplication with little operation. Simply place a stack of blank CDs or DVDs into the hopper and hit go. Autoloaders range in capacity from 50 discs to over 800 discs per run. Auto-loading DVD duplicators are either PC based or stand-alone. For duplicating and printing capability all from the same unit CD/DVD publishers are the answer.

Manufacturer brands

We carry CD and DVD duplicators from all the top manufacturers including US Digital Media Accutower and AV Pro, Rimage, Microboards and Primera with drive technology from Pioneer and Sony-NEC. All of our brands are professional grade and can stand up to heavy use.


All CD and DVD Duplicators come with the standard equipment manufacturer warranty. Up to 2 years additional warranties are made available by US Digital Media and CDROM2GO. Rapid exchange warranties are also available. The rapid exchange warranty allows you receive a working unit overnight while you send back the disabled unit for repairs. These have become very popular among companies that cannot afford down time while their CD or DVD duplicator is being repaired.

Technical Support

One of the best benefits you'll discover when shopping at CDROM2GO is the high level of technical support, which is absolutely free as long as you own the CD or DVD duplicator equipment.