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2 DVDs and Double DVD Case w/ Entrapment and 8 Panel Insert

Make your media project feel complete with this exciting DVD packaging solution. This package offers two professionally printed DVD discs, a double DVD case, custom printed outer entrapment and eight panel insert. There’s no need to make difficult cutting board decisions with this package, you’ll be able to fit all your custom artwork, instructional text, and other information on these printed materials. This package looks like the real deal, but the real deal is the price that even the most frugal customer will just love!

1000+ 2500+ 5000+ 10000+ 25000+ More
4/1 Print 10-14 days
$2.17 $1.62 $1.31 $1.16 $1.07 Call
4/4 Print 10-14 days
$2.23 $1.65 $1.33 $1.18 $1.09 Call

Prices for each unit.