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USDM P55 DVD Media Kit: 500 DVD-R w/ Color Ribbon Set & Cleaning Kit

Get everything you need to restock your TEAC P-55 thermal printer in one go at one low price. This package includes 500 TEAC P-55 compatible DVD-R, 1 P-55 color ribbon set and a printer cleaning kit. When your company needs to produce a lot of DVDs, it’s a good idea to keep fully stocked.

SKU: K40052


The USDM TEAC P-55 media kits is an easy way to reorder the necessary supplies to run your TEAC P-55 printer. The kit includes special DVD-R media that is designed to yield the best prints possible. The DVDs are high grade for superior recording and storage life. The cleaning kit included allows you to take good care of your investment by keeping the rollers and print head clean and free of residue.

Kit includes:

  • 500 TEAC P-55 compatible DVD-R Media
  • 1 TEAC P-55 Color Ribbon kit
  • P-55 Cleaning kit