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Turbo² Applicator w/ Free Disc Studio Labeling Software

Applying CD labels doesn’t have to be such a chore with the Turbo Applicator! It’s the perfect tool to help making the application process much faster and simpler. It is compatible with standard discs with a 40mm center hole. Make the most out of available disc space by offering visually appealing content that will reel in your audience. This package includes our exclusive DiscStudio design software to help you make visually stunning custom made labels. Applicator works with Turbo or Stomper style labels.

Applicator works with Turbo or Stomper Labels (40mm Center Hole)
Includes free software

SKU: K10013


Turbo Applicator
This Turbo label applicator is the perfect tool for adhering Turbo or Stomper style labels to your CD and DVD discs. It is compatible with labels that have a 40mm center hole.

USDM DiscStudio Software
DiscStudio by USDM is an easy way to design your own custom CD and DVD labels and inserts. Learn more about the software by visiting our DiscStudio product page.

FREE DiscStudio Software Download
DiscStudio is available as a free download from USDM. It is the perfect complement to the USDM Turbo/Stomper label applicator. For more information about the features and benefits of USDM DiscStudio or to download your free copy, please visit our DiscStudio Download Page.

Free Software Design Program Download!