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USDM DVD Case Clear Plastic Bag w/ Seal Strip

Protect your DVD cases from scratches and damage with these plastic case wrap bags with adhesive seal strip. These resealable peel and stick bags measure 8 1/16” x 6” and can hold a 14mm standard DVD case. *DVD case not included.

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Our USDM DVD case wrap bags are a great replacement for shrink wrapping. DVD cases can easily be inserted and sealed. The easy to use peel-and-seal strip is removed after the case is inserted into the bag and then pressed closed for a form-fitting wrap.

BOPP stands for bi-axially oriented polypropylene, a very thin and durable film that is similar to overwrap. BOPP film offers excellent chemical and abrasion resistance and protects against UV damage. These BOPP bags are a do-it-yourself alternative to overwrap and shrink wrap.

*NOTE: Bags are self sealing and cannot be used with a shrink wrap machine or heat gun. DVD case shown for illustration purposes only.



Material: BOPP (bi-axially oriented polypropylene)

Seal Strip: Yes

Color: Clear