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Accutower DVD/CD Duplicator Product Comparison

US Digital Media is proud to offer a diverse and varied line of stand-alone DVD/CD duplicator towers for every size job and budget. It's important to pick the right tower for your needs, but what does that really mean? Knowing the type and quantity of your discs you need to duplicate can steer you in the right direction, but a couple of real-world examples can really help to illustrate these concepts more clearly.

When it comes to light home use, a simple 1 to 1 Accutower fits the bill perfectly. These compact machines take up very little shelf space and can easily be put in storage if used infrequently. Accutower 1 to 1's feature one reader and one burner for making disc-to-disc copies quickly and easily. The Accutower Duo is the newest addition to the Accutower product line, and is great for users who like the compact size of the 1 to 1 but want the convenience of two burner drives. There's more than meets the eye with this one, because it also has an 80GB hard disk drive mounted inside. This means the machine is capable of both disc-to-disc copies as well as burning two discs at once from a disc image stored on the hard drive. For users who burn one to twenty discs a month, these machines are a great value. Three-drive Accutowers offer the same benefits as the Duo but with an additional burner drive for serious home users.

There are a number of applications for towers in the five to seven drive range that can reduce the time you spend burning discs dramatically. Small recording studios have depended on Accutower duplicators for reliable and consistent operation for years, and with good reason. The internal hard drives are great for storing lots of disc images to be burned at later dates, and the rock-solid Pioneer and NEC drives are known throughout the industry as the standard for quality. Mid-sized churches and religious organizations may find solace in the AV Pro line of duplicators from US Digital Media, which offer the same proven reliability minus the internal hard disk drive. Because AV Pro towers offer simple load-and-go duplicating, they are well suited to fast, one time jobs such as audio recordings of sermons and services or DVD video presentations. If you anticipate burning between 20-75 discs per month, a mid-sized Accutower or AV Pro duplicator is a perfect fit to get the job done.

For larger companies, churches, and organizations that have outgrown their small-time duplicators, US Digital Media has your solution! We stock a variety of 9, 10, and 11 drive DVD duplicators for your high volume copying needs. Our 11-drive Accutower DVD/CD duplicator can knock out hundreds of copies per month without breaking a sweat. Loaded with an impressive 250GB removable hard drive and a feature-packed, backlit LCD controller, these towers are built to last. In the range of 75-250 copies per month, the Accutower 11 drive duplicators are the definition of "heavy duty."

When the best simply isn’t good enough, an elite breed of duplicator emerges to set a new standard: the Accutower Unlimited. From the front it appears to be an ordinary 10-drive duplicator, but the back of the machine hides the secret that gives Accutower Unlimited the edge. The Unlimited towers feature a Daisy Chain function that allows you to link multiple towers together for massive duplication jobs. These huge duplication jobs can still be controlled by a single machine. Available as impressive 21-drive, 32-drive, even configurations of 50-drives and beyond, the Accutower Unlimited is totally unrivaled in terms of sheer volume and speed. Do you dream of linking ten 10-drive Accutowers together and producing one hundred copies of a disc in just minutes? From hundreds to tens of thousands of copies per month, our Unlimited Daisy Chain DVD/CD duplicators can bring your wildest duplication fantasies to life.

After an in-depth analysis of the Accutower and AV Pro line of stand-alone DVD/CD duplicators, the benefits of owning these high quality machines speak for themselves. When it comes to performance, features, and value, the duplicators from US Digital Media are in a class of their own.

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