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Government Agencies & Offices

Capitol Hill

We Sell Directly to Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies.

US Digital Media is an active supplier for the US Government and we can be found in

To place an order, or to gather more information about specific CDROM2GO products, please call our Government Sales Support Desk at (623) 889-0522. You may also send a fax to 623-587-4920 or email

Products and Services Offered

US Digital Media carries everything you will need for your CD and DVD duplication requirements.

We offer a wide selection of CDR and DVDR media, packaging, and duplication equipment to government agencies and institutions.

Our services include both duplication and replication to meet any volume of CD or DVD reproduction. Our combination of products, services, pricing and availability make us very accommodating to all areas of government.

Ordering Information

  • Address: US Digital Media 1929 W. Lone Cactus Dr. Phoenix, AZ 85027
  • Contact: Alane Pignotti
  • GSA Contact: Alane Pignotti
  • Tax ID: 86-0982351
  • Duns: 147356153
  • Cage Code: 1UN76
  • CCR Registered: Yes (Central Contractor Registration)
  • Business Size: Small
  • Classification: C Corp.
  • Freight: UPS, USPS, will ship APO/FPO (USPS)
  • Terms: Net 30
  • Delivery Schedule: Immediate
  • Larger Quantities: Immediate

Experienced Account Managers

As a government procurement or purchasing officer, you can expect great service from CDROM2GO. We train our Account Managers to give excellent support to our Government clients. You may contact one of our account managers to place your order or provide you with a custom quote.

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