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Autoloading DVD/CD Duplicator Roundup

Stand-alone DVD/CD duplicators offer a tremendous performance advantage over the single burner drive in your home computer. Stand-alone DVD/CD duplicators are made specifically for high-volume output. A machine like the Accutower 11 Drive DVD/CD Duplicator is capable of cranking out copies, eleven at a time, all day long. However, every chain is only as strong as its weakest link. In other words, the maximum number of copies you can produce still depends on how fast the machine can be unloaded and reloaded.

What if there was a way to have your duplicator take care of everything for you? This is an important question asked by everyone who has ever stood in front their tower just waiting to unload and reload. Perhaps it's time to think about investing in an automated duplicator. An automated duplicator is a DVD/CD duplicator with a robotic arm designed for the sole purpose of saving you time and money by the automatic loading and unloading of discs.

At the entry level of autoloading duplicators is the Baxter PC Connect duplicator. This little guy is one of the most feature-packed machines available. Optional software enhances the capabilities of the Baxter by adding functionality as an audio ripping device and as a system backup tool. Its sleek robotic arm makes short work of the duplicator's 25-disc capacity, leaving you plenty of time to marvel at the beauty of this miniature engineering wonder. The Baxter PC Connect features a USB 2.0 connection for burning discs from you personal computer at blazing speeds. Sharing the Baxter with multiple users is no problem, thanks to its network capabilities and an Ethernet-capable computer. For reliable duplication at well under $1,000, the Baxter PC connect autoloading duplicator is the real deal.

For mid-sized duplication jobs, there is a line of autoloading duplicators available from Verity Systems. The cornerstone of Verity's disc publishing systems is the CopyDisc 4 Platinum autoloader. Also available with a printer, this unit is a great choice for worry-free automated duplication. The automated picker arm can load and reload each of the four high-speed DVD recorder drives with surgical precision. Inside, the machine has a 160GB hard drive for storing images of your master discs that you may want to burn again at a later date. The most outstanding feature is the machine's 220-disc capacity, which means you do not need to worry about keeping the input bin full.

When it comes to professional grade autoloading duplicators the R-Quest duplicators are unsurpassed. Equipped with eight burners and an internal hard drive, the TCA-1800 is the mother of autoloading DVD/CD duplicators. Imagine a bigger, badder, CopyDisc 4 that has two rotating hoppers and more than double the capacity, a mind-blowing 1,000 discs. The TCA-1800 is capable of taking on DVD and CD duplication jobs of any size. When no other machine can get the job done, you can turn to R-Quest for a truly elite solution.

As the old saying goes, "Time is money." With an autoloading DVD/CD duplicator from Baxter, Verity Systems, or Global Discware, you will save loads of time . . . and in the long run, who can put a price on that?

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