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CD/DVD Printing Service Options Comparison

CD / DVD Printing Service Options

You’ll find with disc printing services that there is a plethora of print types for you to choose from. A CDROM2GO representative will be happy to discuss your needs and recommend the right print type for your specific project based on artwork, quantity required, budget, and timeframe. Whichever you choose, the creative professionals at CDROM2GO will produce and deliver your project on time, within budget, and with excellent image quality.

As you are browsing through our CD/DVD duplication pages, you will see that some items have different pricing for different printing options. Digital print is pricing for Digital Photo Coat or Thermal artwork printing. Don’t see the package you want with your chosen printing option? Just contact one of our account representatives!

Why do replication pages only have one price? Because you can choose your print process for the same low price!

To decide which option best fits your needs, first we break down by volume of prints you need. Low volume duplication orders of 50-5,000 discs can use Digital or Thermal* For high volume replication orders of 1,00-100,000 discs have the option of Silkscreen or Offset printing.

Your printing option should also be based on how you want the disc to look. If you have full color artwork already created, Digital Photo coat is the best fit for duplication printing. Full color or photographic artwork for replication prints with better quality with Offset printing. For only black text on a silver disc, the Thermal option is best for duplication orders. If you have 1-3 Pantone Matching System colors or solid exact spot colors, Silkscreen is the way to go for replication orders.

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(*some restrictions to quantities and turn times apply)