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Choosing the Right DVD Case

Choosing the Right DVD Case

DVD cases have come a long way since their first public appearance in 1997. In those days, DVD cases were used exclusively to package DVD movies for retail purchase. Since the release of recordable DVDs and CDs, it has become popular for people to store their own optical media in DVD cases. Let’s take a look at the various types of DVD cases on the market today. There are a lot more choices than you might think.

Standard DVD cases are the ones you’re probably used to if you have ever bought a DVD movie. They measure about 7.5” inches by 5.25” inches and can store a single disc on a center hub. These cases, as well as most other DVD cases, have the same feature included: an outside sleeve for holding an entrapment. Case entrapments can be purchased blank and custom printed using your everyday paper printer. On the inside of the case are two clips that can hold a printed insert. These DVD case inserts can also be purchased blank and used with your printer.

In the center ring of the case is a small hub that latches on the to center hole of the disc when pressed. It is important to note that these hubs can vary and some might not hold discs as securely as others. Discs can be jarred loose during shipping, which can in turn lead to a damaged disc. With this in mind, it is important that your DVD cases have good hubs if you plan on mailing out your discs in a DVD case.

Slim DVD Cases are very similar to standard cases, only they come in a much more narrow format. Slim cases measure the same dimensions on the front only they have a much smaller depth, about half that of a standard DVD case. The main benefit of using slim cases is that they store the same number of discs but with a smaller footprint on a retail shelf or store display.

Multi-disc DVD Cases were developed as a solution for high capacity storage. Multi-disc cases can hold between two and ten discs. One major difference between multi cases and standard cases is how the discs are secured inside the case. Double cases for example, may have two disc wells with one on each side, while others may have trays (like pages in a book) that allow additional discs to be inserted.

One manufacturer, Nexpak, has manufactured a unique multi case design called the Stackpack. This design allows multiple discs to be stacked on the same center hub. Since multi-disc cases can hold various quantities of discs, they need to be wider than standard cases and they vary in width depending on the capacity. Multi-disc cases can measure anywhere from one inch deep up to four inches for a larger case.

The majority of DVD cases are charcoal gray, but today there are many other options. Colored cases can be a cool substitute for the traditional gray and they can help provide additional branding to your disc, product or company. Clear cases are also now available on the market. One of the nice features of clear cases is that you can print on both sides of your entrapment. This allows for the inside of the entrapment to be seen when you open the case.

DVD Cases are an inexpensive, durable and efficient way to store all of your own optical media. As long as you are aware of all the different options, finding the right DVD case for your needs should be a snap!