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Custom Disc Packaging

The right kind of CD packaging can turn your entire media project around, but it’s the custom details that make it truly stand out and become a work of art worthy of praise. Custom packaging is the window to your project and you want it to look good enough to tempt viewers to look within. Apart from the content of your disc, the exterior is where you can really let your creativity flow.

There are several different choices in custom packaging and printing for CDs and other optical discs. These include:

You must first decide which type of packaging you require. Then, you must decide if it requires custom printed leaflets, inserts, booklets, or posters. CD sleeves and mailers will provide an assortment of panels for printed artwork or information. The look of your finished product is all about the printing! Digital and offset printing are two examples of what you can use to color the artwork of your custom packaging.

Custom Printing Options

These services are typically handled by art and production professionals at media duplication companies. Unless you already have printing equipment, it may be expensive to try custom printing yourself. Many custom printing and media duplication companies cater to a variety of budgets and can save you time and headaches.

Custom Packaging Options