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DVD / CD Printer Comparison

Inkjet CD/DVD Printer

Thermal CD/DVD Printer

Everest CD/DVD Printer (Thermal retransfer printer) By Rimage

TEAC P-55 Dye Sublimation Printer(Thermal printer)

Full color printing

1-4 color printing but no bleed

Full color realistic images

Full color prints using dye sublimation; consistency of color and flesh tones far superior to inks

DPI ranges according to model; capable of very high DPI and resolution

Simple line drawings, logos, and text; good looking prints each time on any blank silver surface disc

Higher DPI than inkjet printers


Can be combined with autoloader

Can be combined with autoloader

Autoloader ready

Supported by most 3rd party robotic system manufacturers

Average 30 discs per second but can be faster depending on model

Very fast printing; most can print a disc in 5 seconds


Ink cartridges cheaper than thermal ribbons

Thermal ribbons more expensive


Includes 4 types of ribbons: black, color, photo, and Versamax ribbon for printing on almost any disc surface, including non-thermal media

Discs cost more than thermal compatible discs

Thermal compatible discs cheaper than Inkjet printer compatible discs

Requires Everest compatible disc media

Compatible with most commercially available discs

Lower throughput than thermal (200-400 discs per ink catrdige)

Higher throughput than Inkjet (500-800 discs per ribbon)