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DVD Case Inserts

DVD case inserts are the informational or promotional materials made of glossy or matte card stock that decorate both outer and inner sections of a case. The outer insert is sandwiched between the case itself and a clear vinyl entrapment that keeps it in place. The inner portion rests behind plastic clips that keep multi-page panels or booklets from shifting and sits opposite the disc tray. Inserts serve as tables of content, chapters, playlists, and more.

These packaging options conform to fit standard and Slim DVD cases and therefore come in different sheet sizes than those of jewel cases. Dimension are approximately 7.28” x 4.94” for the inner insert and 7.125” x 10.75” for outer inserts that stretch across the spine.

They are simple to use and create either at home DIY or through a professional company. Most available on the market are die-cut and perforated to streamline printing, separation, and insertion. This design helps both the at-home consumer and the professional minimize time on cutting and expensive equipment.

If you are planning on DIY this yourself, you must consider: corresponding printing and paper options, the amount of room allotted inside and outside the case for the inserts and a design layout (of which there are several free software programs to help you). You must have patience and time to do this yourself.

Professional results can be obtained through a duplication or printing service. These services will take one to five days and allow one to determine the design. Professional services ensure the artwork, information, and overall presentation of the final product are completed with the utmost quality and care.

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