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DVD Cases

A DVD case, also referred to as a poly-box, keep case, or Amaray case, is an optical media package specifically targeted for the distribution of DVD discs. A majority of the world’s pre-recorded DVDs are commercially distributed in these types of packaging. They are used for movies, audio books, and video games.

This storage option is engineered from flexible polypropylene plastic—a thermoplastic polymer found in common heat-resistant products like Tupperware, car parts, stationery, and carpet. The case’s outer entrapment cover is made with a thin layer of clear package-grade polyethylene.  The inner tray of the folded case is molded to fit the dimensions of a DVD. The colors inside the cases may vary. For example, Xbox uses a signature neon green. The inside of the case contains tab clips that prevent paper inserts from falling out or shifting.

The disc itself is anchored to the case not only by the fitted molding of the tray but also by the center hub. The center hub may come in a wide variety of configurations that strive for sturdy disc locking and easy removal. A DVD’s hub is purposely engineered with weaker materials than a CD’s hub because the composition of a DVD is more delicate. Therefore, storing a DVD in a CD case with a stronger hub should be avoided to protect against damage.

DVD Case Dimensions

Case hubs come in push button formats or pluck formats in which the user is required to carefully lift the locked disc out of place without bending or breaking it. It is common for manufacturers to patent their own unique version of a DVD case hub, so several types exist on the market.

Although similar in concept, DVD cases are larger and more flexible than standard CD jewel cases. A DVD’s closed dimensions are 190mm x 135mm x 14mm. Widths may vary depending if it’s a slim version or if it holds multiple discs.

Consumers can purchase blank and empty cases to customize a media project or replace a broken package. Cases can be personalized through outer covers or inner booklets created by the customer or through a printing and duplication service.


DVD Case Dimensions

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