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Jewel Case Inserts

Jewel case inserts are the informational or promotional material that rests behind the plastic tabs inside a jewel case that houses either a CD or a DVD. They typically contain up to four panels, which is equivalent to up to eight sheets. The number of pages is important to consider for slim line jewel cases which hold less than standard versions. Front and back cards are also included under this classification. You can imagine that inserts are like a scrapbook that visually conveys the contents of a disc.

These packaging additions are comprised of a matte or glossy card stock or other type of paper. Other finishes exist, including those with laser and inkjet printers. The dimensions of an insert are approximately 12cm square. An inlay of 15cm by 11.8cm with 6mm used at the ends can be used for an insert plus spine label.

They come in either of two ways: sold blank and printed at home by the consumer or sold by a duplication/printing service that custom prints materials for you.

For DIY type customers, you must be careful to ensure that all equipment, software, and materials are compatible with each other. It is possible to create high quality jewel case inserts at home using free software and typical office equipment.

However, if you just don’t want to deal with it or are unable to work software yourself, then you can turn to duplication or printing service companies who will do it for you. The average turn time for jewel case inserts is approximately three to five days but some companies can accommodate rush jobs in one to two days. A professional service may save time and headaches and allow you to achieve a professional grade quality. These services also allow customers to pick and choose every aspect of their order, including paper and printing methods, as well as art design.

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