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Printable Blu-ray

Just like other discs, such as CDs and DVDs, Blu-ray discs are printable. A user can not only write and rewrite recordable BDs, but also create a personalized presentation. This gives you the opportunity to add vibrancy and impact to your media projects.

The first inkjet printable Blu-ray media was introduced in 2006 by TDK in partnership with Primera. They engineered a unique hard coating for the disc that made it safely compatible with inkjet printing. Around the same time, TDK teamed up with Rimage to introduce the world’s first thermal printable Blu-ray media. This printable disc surface can withstand warping as it endures heat and pressure through the thermal printing process. These printing options strive to accommodate both a consumer’s artistic vision and budget while maintaining the integrity of the disc’s data.

The primary options for printable Blu-ray media are thermal and inkjet printing. Thermal printing is a budget friendly option for Blu-ray discs that can recreate text and simple images or logos using heat-sensitive one-color ribbon. Inkjet sprays a myriad of colorful ink dots onto a disc’s compatible, specially coated surface. Inkjet printing provides more flexibility with color and detailed images.

Consumers who chose BD-R or BD-RE for their media projects are not cutting corners when it comes to the quality of the audio, video, and storage capacity, so it’s only the next logical step to give the discs a professional touch with custom printable artwork.


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