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Printable CD Information


printable CD or DVD takes media to a higher level of creativity and customization! These discs are designed with a printable surface area to display artwork without interfering with the function of a disc. These are available in a variety of formats to suit the needs of specific printers, as well as to suit an artistic vision. CD-R is the most popular format of available printable CDs. Less frequently CD-RW’s are also available on the market.

Inkjet Printable CD

Inkjet printable CDs use the same concepts as inkjet printers and paper. A compatible printer will recreate images and text through sprays of ink marked on to a corresponding CD surface. These surfaces may be white or silver in color. The inked image is subsequently coated with a protective lacquer to achieve waterproof, smudge-proof and smear-proof results.

Inkjet printable CDs deliver images, text, and graphics of superior quality without breaking the bank. However, a disadvantage of this type of disc is that it often takes longer to print than thermal options.


Thermal Printable CD

thermal printable CD merges heat and pressure so that text, simple line art, and some small images can adhere to the surface of the disc. Heat-sensitive ribbon or paper rests between the disc and the print head. It is difficult for thermal printing to recreate photo-realistic images.

However, thermal re-transfer printing puts high resolution images from an ink ribbon to a transfer film and through an electrostatic procedure, holds fast to the surface of the disc. The re-transfer process preserves the high-resolution image.

Many disc surfaces are coated with a lacquer that makes them more conducive to thermal printing and are designed to prevent smudging.