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Solid Color Support

Solid Color Support

Some on disc CD/DVD printing processes that use CMYK or process color printing may not always have exact solid color areas. Spot color printing such as Silkscreen CD/DVD printing will produce nice solids because they are only one color layer. Since disc process printing like PhotoPro CD/DVD printing or Offset disc printing use percentages of up to 4 colors plus white layered on top of each other, there may be some variations in the form of lines, streaks and patterns. This is also called "ghosting" or "banding."


Ghosting is a printing issue caused by an ink-intensive design mainly in solid colors or gradations where the image shows a lack of ink replenishment on the printed piece. This “ghosting” creates a look of streaks of color variation in the area of color.


Banding is a form of unwanted posterization (abrupt replacement of tones) that may occur when the color depth is not sufficient to accurately create a continuous gradation of color tone. The result is a gradient that appears as a series of discrete bands of color – hence the name.

Texture use

Solid colors and disc printing processes

PhotoPro printing is a high quality printing process that uses CMYK + White and adhesion to create vibrant, photographic-quality images on disc surfaces. Any large areas of solid color with PhotoPro Printing may have ghosting or banding and are not recommended, especially with deeper and darker colors. A simple solution is to create a pattern or texture using solid colors for a more detailed print.

Offset printing is also CMYK + White and may have some variations in the form of ghosting, usually in larger areas. Creating gradations on purpose or adding slight textures are great solutions for getting good, solid colors with offset printing.

Printing process that use special spot colors or Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors (such as Silkscreen) do not have issues with solid colors when using 100% of the defined color. When used with solid colors in any size area, Silkscreen creates an even, glossy print. However, when used in halftones, percentages, or when printing in processed bitmap images, Silkscreen will print with a dot pattern. The best thing to remember when printing large areas of solid colors is that Silkscreen printing is ideal, including vector artwork to specific spot or Pantone colors.

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