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TEAC P-55 vs. Rimage Everest III

Two popular printers on the market are the TEAC P-55 and the Rimage Everest III. Deciding between them is a difficult purchasing decision. They both have a lot to offer customers who are looking for their first or replacement CD and disc printer. Let us help you better understand the differences between these two machines so you can make the right purchase for you.

Both the TEAC P-55 and Rimage Everest III are thermal retransfer type printers.



Rimage Everest III (now Everest 600)

Ribbon Type

4 thermal ribbons: Color, Versamax, Photo, and Black

2 ribbons: printer and transfer




Print Speed

less than 60 seconds

60 seconds


11.89” W x 9.53” H (including feet) x 15.75” D

9.45” W x 9.69” H x 14.76” D


22kg (including ribbons)(48.5lbs)

18.5kg (40.8lbs) printer only 23kg (50.7lbs) printer/packaging

Price (rough estimate)



In general, Rimage is considered the “Cadillac” of disc printers due to their high-quality components and parts and ease of integrating workflow due to its automation.  It has a slightly higher DPI and is a little faster at printing.

However, the TEAC P-55 has its advantages: it’s cheaper, still produces quality results and product, and offers versatile printing options due to its ribbons (double that of the Rimage model).