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The Make or Buy Decision (In house vs DIY)

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Disc duplication is a process that can be done at home or through a duplication specialist company. Falling costs for optical media and equipment means that it is increasingly possible, and in some cases, preferable to produce content on discs at home or at your office.How do you know which is better for you?

Professional Duplication Services


  • Professional expertise and results
  • Worry free—turn your concerns to other aspects and leave it to others
  • You still choose specifics of disc, design, and packaging
  • Second, fresh perspective to provide insight
  • No need to purchase, house, or use expensive equipment and supplies


  • You must work within the timetable of another company
  • Shipping or set up fees
  • Potential for quality control issues/results
  • The price may not be viable for you or your business

At Home Duplication


  • Complete control of project quality and outcome
  • Lower costs for long term use or high volume of duplication
  • Possible return on investment of equipment
  • Flexibility to create batches on your schedule


  • Must invest in equipment and upkeep
  • Investment may not be worth it in the end
  • Takes up space/real estate
  • Must learn to operate equipment
  • Lack of professional expertise
  • Errors are on you
  • Takes up time and resources (employees)

In general, you should carefully weigh important factors like cost, time, expertise, resources, and goals. If you have a really important assignment that could make or break your company and you have never operated duplication equipment or technology, strongly consider investing in professional duplication services to increase the chances of success!

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