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USDM Shrink Wrapping Kit

The USDM shrink wrap kit includes: bar sealer/film rack, heat gun, and 500' roll of 12" wide x 75 gauge shrink film. Professionally shrink wrap your products for just pennies a piece.

SKU: E30081

This shrinkwrapping kit includes everything you need to get started wrapping your own cases! The plastic film can accommodate nearly every type of packaging, from slimline CD jewel cases to 1-inch multi-DVD cases and more! You can even use it to wrap odd-sized cases, binders, and other materials.

The simple three step operation does not require a warm-up period. Shrinkwrap is an easy way to enhance the appearance and value of your product by protecting it against dirt, dust, moisture and handling.

Kit Includes: Bar Sealer, Heat Gun, Film Rack, and 500' roll of 12" wide shrink film. Film thickness is 75 gauge (0.019mm).