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What are Disc Duplicators?


A disc duplicator is technically any device that can copy optical discs. As you can imagine then, there are a variety of types that you can purchase. Computers can be considered a duplicator but here we will focus on devices with the sole function of copy content and media onto discs.

There are several different types of disc duplicators available on the market today, each with their respective strengths and weaknesses. Some duplicators work as standalone machines while others require a computer connection to operate. Newer models tend to have lots of features to make burning even easier. They feature integrated disc printers, multiple burner drives, and advanced control panels. Some machines even feature built-in hard disk drives for storing copies of master discs for future use.

The basic components of a disc duplicator are a reader (source) drive for the master disc, burner (target) drives for recording the information, and in cases where automated equipment is used, a robotic arm for loading and unloading discs.


A disc duplicator with built-in printer is also called a disc publisher.


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