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Accutower SD/Micro SD Duplicator

The Accutower SD/Micro SD Duplicator allows you to copy up to 15 SD or Micro SD cards at once! This duplicator loads, unloads, and copies independently. All file formats, file sizes, and card capacities are supported.

  • 15 Targets
  • Stand-alone operation - no PC required!
  • FCC & CE compliant
  • UL Listed
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SKU: E79910
Brand: Accutower


You know that old saying, “Sometimes less is more”? There are times where “more is more” is what’s really needed, and that’s especially the case when it comes to duplicating SD cards. Duplicating a couple SD cards at a time could seriously slow down your day. Why sacrifice all that time when you can get a state of the art machine that can handle up to 15 SD or Micro SD cards at once? The Accutower SD/Micro SD Duplicator is built to be a card-duplicating powerhouse. Forget less is more: With this Accutower model you’ll be producing more and more cards in no time!

The Accutower SD/Micro SD Duplicator lets you copy up to 15 SD or Micro SD cards at once. It’s a hands-off machine: The duplicator loads, unloads, and copies all the cards independently. It supports all file formats, file sizes, and card capacities. Best of all: The Accutower is a stand-alone operation! No PC required- All you need to get going is the Accutower SD/Micro SD Duplicator. Why use antiquated duplicators that can only do a few cards at a time when you can have a modern dynamo that can give you 15 all at once? Why wait days, even weeks, for another company to duplicate your cards when you can quickly fulfill your own order on your own? Stop killing time: Save it with the Accutower SD/Micro SD Duplicator!


Key Features

  • Standalone solution; no PC or software is neeed
  • Support Synchronous and Asynchronous copy modes. With improved SOTA technology, SD/ Micro SD duplicator can do Asynchronous copy even if the source data size is bigger than duplicator system memory.
  • Supports all file formats, file size and card capacities
  • Unique Source Analysis feature
  • Up to 2GB per minute copy speed per channel
  • Easy to use, cost-effective to operate
  • Real time copy and compare technology (copy one section and compare, then copy another section and compare again) to reach higher efficiency of copy compare process.
  • No warm-up or cool-down required
  • Heavy-duty construction, built for daily operation
  • SD/Micro SD drive check funstion


Operating Type: Stand-alone (No PC Required)

Target: 23; Up to 239 with Daisy Chain of 10 units

Supported Media: SD, SD Pro, Micro SD, Mini SD*, Mini SD Pro*, SD HS, WI-FI SD, Super HS SD

Transfer Speed: Up to 2GB per minute**

Copy Mode: Synchronous or Asynchronous

LCD Display: 2 x 16 characters (Backlit)

Power Requirements: 115V or 230V

Operating Temperature: 41°F ~ 122°F

Operating Humidity: 15% ~ 90%

Regulations: FCC, CE, UL



1 Year Warranty on Labor And Parts! (includes drives)




* Adapter Required.

** Actual write speed may vary depending on SD card write speed.

*** Specifications are subject to change without notice.