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How Long Does It Take to Burn a Blu-ray Disc?

How long does it take to burn a blu-ray disc?

When compared to other optical media disc formats like CD or DVD, Blu-ray takes the cake. It can hold 25GB of data as opposed to a DVD, which only offers 4.7GB. CDs lag behind with only 700MB. To better illustrate, one Blu-ray disc holds as much information as 5.8 DVDs or 36 CDs. The inexpensive cost to performance value for Blu-ray simply can’t be beat.

If you need to burn some content onto a disc, you may ask: how long does it take to burn a Blu-ray disc? Recording a full 25GB disc can take anywhere from 16 to 32 minutes at a rate of 4X-6X. Blu-ray discs have excellent maximum write speeds, though keep in mind they’re not equivalent between media. For example, recording a CD at 1X is not the same as recording a DVD at 1X. For a comparison between burning a DVD and a Blu-ray, burning a Blu-ray at 1X is equivalent to approximately 2.4X for DVD.

Recording a full 700MB CD-R takes approximately 2 minutes at a maximum 52X wrote speed. A full DVD disc takes 4-5 minutes at maximum write speed of 20-24X. This makes a Blu-ray seem slower to write than the other formats but it’s actually faster. Blu-ray drives have a higher data rate than DVD or CD drives.  Their write speed is also significantly higher but takes a little longer due to the massive amount of data that is written to the disc.

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