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CD Mailers

CD Mailers

When you need to send your content on its merry way, making sure it arrives to its destination safe and sound is a priority. Ordinary CD packaging is perfect for presenting face to face, but in cases where you need to guarantee it will survive the hazards of shipping, you’ll need CD mailers. We carry high grade cardboard and bubble mailers perfectly suited for this endeavor. Both methods offer protection and ease of shipping for discs.


Mailing Discs

The Perils of Mailing Discs

Unfortunately, discs are fragile platforms for data but you don’t need to avoid using them if you understand how to protect against common issues and challenges when mailing compact discs.  Some of the biggest concerns are:

  •      Scratching
  •      Bending/breakage
  •      Shattering
  •      Lost
  •      Stolen/wrong recipient
  •      Cheaply constructed packaging falls apart
  •      Cost

CD mailers have the benefit of being shippable in its entirety; simply pack, seal, and address and it can go along its merry way. Other packaging requires an envelope or box to be mail ready.

Before You Ship, Consider This:


Costs are among the first concerns you may have when deciding to mail your disc content. Be at ease knowing that shipping discs is extremely cost effective. Due to the fact that they are considered media, you can opt for the Media Mail option which costs less than 3 dollars to ship (weight up to a pound). Of course, the cost will fluctuate depending on the method, weight, destination, and shipping rate you choose; rush shipping will incur additional charges. Postage costs more at the Post Office so it’s better to buy online.


If you are sending discs with sensitive content, it can be concerning to send it off through the mail or a shipping service. Will it get there and will the right person receive it? There are some things you can do to help protect your information.

You could password protect the disc to ensure that, even if it falls into the wrong hands, it cannot be read except by your intended recipient.  Also, buy peace of mind with the Registered Mail feature, which offers proof of mailing, date and time of delivery (or attempted), insurance, and receipt to verify delivery.

Also, to prevent information from spilling out of your chosen packaging, make sure you choose sturdy packaging that won’t tear easily and will weather the rough nature of shipping. Make sure you provide backing to your disc and DO NOT BEND stamps to help prevent bending.

Additional Tips for Mailing Discs

  •   It’s never a bad idea to add insurance or additional shipping services to your shipping order for peace of mind
  •   If you’re shipping internationally, remember to study their shipping regulations to make sure you don’t break them and jeopardize the delivery of your parcel
  •   Thoroughly package your discs so they cannot bend and package them with bubble wrap so they aren’t likely to suffer from impact.