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What's the Difference Between Blu-ray Cases and DVD Cases?

Blu-ray cases vs DVD cases

A common misconception about plastic CD/DVD cases is that they're all pretty much the same. The truth is, there are a lot of important differences between the various types of disc packaging. Even something as closely related as a DVD case and a Blu-ray case have less in common than you might think. Let's take a look at these two cases to find out just how different they are.

The DVD case is as ubiquitous as it is simple. It is nothing more than a single piece of injection-molded plastic that snaps shut and holds a disc safely inside. However, this has proven to be an extremely effective design for protecting discs. DVD cases are very flexible and will bend before they break.

A regular DVD case, sometimes called an Amaray-style DVD case, offers other benefits such as a clear plastic sleeve on the outside for holding cover artwork and binder clips on the inside for holding printed inserts. DVD cases also come in a wide variety of colors besides the standard black.

The popularity of the DVD case has been the inspiration behind other types of disc packaging such as double DVD cases and thin DVD cases. These variations of the classic case take the same basic shape and offer a greater storage capacity or a slimmer profile. In fact, the Blu-ray case itself is a variation on the original Amaray case design.

A Blu-ray disc case can instantly be identified by its translucent blue color. This is the standard color for Blu-ray cases, unlike DVD cases which use a charcoal gray or black as the most popular color. Blu-ray disc cases are not yet available in other colors like DVD cases are.

Another significant difference about Blu-ray cases is their height. Blu-ray cases are slightly shorter than DVD cases by about 12 millimeters. The cases are also a tiny bit wider than a DVD case, though they do share the same 14mm depth. Currently, Blu-ray cases are only available in single, double, and triple disc capacities. Variations on the original design such as stacker cases are not yet available.

The shorter height of a Blu-ray case uses less plastic than a traditional DVD case. This means it also weighs less and costs less to ship. For a super lightweight alternative, consider the thin Blu-ray case from US Digital Media.

While both DVD cases and Blu-ray cases do a great job of protecting discs, they are not the same. DVD cases are available in a wider variety of styles and colors, while Blu-ray cases are shorter and lighter. The right case for your needs depends on your budget, the number of discs you need to package, and how you want the finished project to look.

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DVD Case: 135mm x 190mm x 14mm

DVD Case Dimensions. 135mm x 190mm x 14mm

Blu-ray Case: 135mm x 171.5mm x 13mm

Blu-ray case dimensions. 135mm x 171.5mm x 13mm