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Retail DVD Sales Maintained Thanks To UltraViolet


An increasing appetite to watch Lionsgate’s blockbuster hits like “The Hunger Games” and “The Twilight Saga” at the comfort of people’s homes also helped boost the quarterly home entertain ... Read More

Millenniata M-Disc Archival Blu-ray Discs


Millenniata will be making the M-Disc available to consumers this coming June in a 25 GB form. The Blu-ray disc is unlike any other because it uses a special, highly wear-resistant storage layer for data burning. Though DVDs ... Read More

New Archival Blu-ray BD-R from CMC Magnetics at CES 2013

blu-ray disc

CMC Magnetics Corporation showcased a number of additions to their impeccable line of optical disc storage.  From eco-friendly certifications to see-through discs as well as increases in storage capacity and s ... Read More

Sony Says Goodbye to Making CD, DVD, Blu-ray Optical Disc Drives

Sony. Make. Believe.

Technology has a tendency to destroy its predecessors and anything associated with that predecessor. Take for instance, the creation and popularity of DVDs rendered video cassettes as extinct, as well as the v ... Read More

Disney Remains Ambiguous About UltraViolet Partnership


The battle for your home entertainment dollars is heating up as three industry giants are going head-to-head to dominate the market. At the forefront we have Apple’s iTunes Store, which has offered video downloa ... Read More

Blu-ray Sales, Popularity on Upswing for 2012


For all our lives, we’ve been told that the best way to view a movie is the traditional way – on large silver screens with awesome sound for that moving experience inside a dark cinema. We were told that DVDs are me ... Read More

Can CD/DVD Discs Wear Out?

Can cd/dvd discs wear out?

When you need a storage medium for archival purposes (meaning, long term data storage and retention), you have two op ... Read More

Can You Burn 3D Blu-ray Movies on Regular BD-R Discs?

Burning a blu-ray disc

With the right hardware, watching a 3D Blu-ray movie is a fairly simple process. All you need is a 3D-compatible TV, Blu-ray player, and a replicated Blu-ray 3D movie. Pop the disc in the player, put on your 3 ... Read More

How Long Does it Take to Burn a DVD?

Burning a disc

If you’ve ever wondered what the numbers “8X” or “16X” are about on DVD packaging, you&rsquo ... Read More

CD-R Dye Colors Explained

CD Dye Colors

One interesting thing about optical discs is that DVD-R media is always purple, while blank CD-R media comes in a variety of colors. Have you ever wondered why CD-Rs come in diffe ... Read More