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Major Brand is Now Adding Disc Drives to Laptops

Laptop with Disc

You probably don’t even notice but most laptops—and indeed, even desktop computers—don’t come with an ... Read More

Why Did Microsoft and Warner Bros. Archive The Original Superman On A Glass Disc?
Glass Disc with Optic Data

When you think about it, Hollywood and the whole production of movies hasn’t really been ... Read More

Sony's Optical Disc Archive Boosts Busy North American Production Company
Sony ODS-D280U
Image by Sony

You mi ... Read More

Vinyl Records Will Outsell CDs for the First Time Since the 80's

Vinyl record and CD

Pop culture isn’t lying: retro is in, and it shows through fashion, movies, television remakes, and of ... Read More

Mitsubishi’s Disc Company Verbatim Sold to CMC

Verbatim sold to CMC.

In the most recent example of market reduction and monopolization, Mitsubishi’s Chemical Corp., sold its Verbati ... Read More

The Future of Data Storage: The Terabyte Sized Optical Disc

Future of Data Storage Banner

Today’s businesses are scrambling to find data storage solutions that don’t break the bank or c ... Read More

What are Holographic Versatile Discs (HVD)?

holographic versatile disc.

Hold onto your hats because optical media as a format isn’t done yet. A new (to the masses) format for optical discs ... Read More

The History of Recorded Music Infographic

History of recorded music infographic banner

The age of music spans as long as humans have existed, at least. The history of recorded music, however, is much more rece ... Read More

A Brief History of Recorded Music


The Earliest Days

The age of music spans as long as humans have existed, at least. The history ... Read More

Who’s Still Using Compact Discs?

Used CDs

In this day of digital streaming and online access for content, you might be asking: Who’s still using discs?

Well, m ... Read More